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  1. Back again with questions I should already know the answer to.

    Any good 3rd party DDoS mitigation providers? Lemmekno

    I know there’s proxypipe but I see mixed reviews.
    I’m using OVH as my dedi host

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  2. TCPShield - Free and more reliable than ProxyPipe.

    Used by Vanity.
  3. I’m assuming they use a paid plan.
    Any price estimate? The site is scuffed on my phone for me.

    It’s tcpshield.net ye?
  4. Has someone actually DDoSed your dedi through OVHs DDoS protection or why are you looking to use a 3rd party DDoS mitigation instead of OVHs included protection?
  5. Because it takes too long to kick in and from what I have read and have been told, whether true or not, is that their protection is meh at best.
  6. They don't offer paid plans.
    Also, its better to contact them via Telegram (@sferg) and say Intelligence referred you for cookies
  7. So it’s not a real company with a real site, they don’t offer plans, and I have to contact some guy on Tele?

    No thanks. Doesn’t sound reputable at all to me.

    Any other suggestions?
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    Works fine for Minecraft, better than most. Enable permanent mitigation if the delay is an issue, unless you're using the cheaper brands that don't allow permanent mitigation.
  9. I'd be using OVH themselves, not any of their sister brands.

    Any latency issues caused by enabling perm mitigation?
    Will OVH allow it to be on forever or disable it at times / cancel my service if dossed constantly?
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    no, the mitigation is done on each location.

    no, OVH will never kick you off for getting attacked. My account has had thousands of attacks.
  11. Alright, thank you.
    Anything OVH won't protect up to in terms of Gbps? I figure I won't ever get hit with anything greater than 20.

    Also, do IPTables help or not really?
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    OVH doesn't care how big an attack is. That doesn't mean it will block every attack perfectly, but it's better than many other options for the low price. Software firewalls can help with some TCP attacks but more than likely no, but it just depends on the attack.
  13. Any suggestions for 3rd party DDoS providers? Just in case I need it later.
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    no clue, most stuff I do is behind OVH, Psychz or Voxility, all works fine for me, but my game servers don't attract barely any attacks.
  15. Thanks
  16. You can enable permanent mitigation. You can enable it and see if it's not dropping any valid connections. If it isn't, then just leave it on.
  17. I mean true but I’m sure someone out there has those stats already. Maybe even you. Have you had any issues?
  18. I've had it permanently enabled for a long time but I didn't see any issues back then. Note my project is still in development so it hasn't had any proper players on, so I'm not a very reliable source for that manner. Aren't you at OVH now? If so, just try it out?
  19. Unreleased so same situation.
  20. Right. Especially in that case, I wouldn't worry too much. You're not even live yet, so don't worry about such kind of attacks now. It's good to be prepared, to have your homework done about it, to know what your options are, where, how they work, what kind of affects they have, what time it takes to activate an option, what the upsides and downsides are, and so on. Worst case scenario you get hit and you go down for a few minutes because it takes a bit of time before the anti DDoS kicks in. It's like having a big turbo in your car which has some lag, but I'd rather have a big turbo with lag than not having a turbo at all.