[SOLVED] Eclipse Bug? - Imports Breaking

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Bluerossman, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Occasionally, I'm just coding away, and this happens:
    90% of the imports for the project I'm working on just break. For no apparent reason, causing about 20 errors per class.
    I know it's eclipse's fault because the plugin still compiles, and works as expected in the spigot plugins folder.
    The fix varies each time - occasionally I have to go into each class, remove a semi-colon, put it back, then save, and that class will update again with no errors.
    Sometimes, I can just hit ALT+F5 and it will remove all the errors.

    Anyone know why this happens?
    Or maybe it's time to move to IntelliJ?
  2. Move to Intellij Idea.
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  3. Clean the project, and run maven update (if using maven).
  4. Yeah, this works most of the time.
    welp, this problem has cured me of eclipse. Anyone know of a decent way to import your projects across?
  5. Tux


    You can just open up your Eclipse projects and it will import them.
  6. Across projects or like classes? Personally, I just copy / paste from my old projects into my new ones. Then it should come up with an import, if you are able to delete the import with the pasted code still able to work, I delete it.
  7. Intellij has a function to actually import Eclipse specific projects.
  8. great, thanks guys.. better mark this solved, I guess
    Although I'm still kinda curious as to why this happens
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  9. If you need any advise on getting started with Intellij, I'm here to guide you :)
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