[Solved] Essentials Balance Suffix.

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  1. I'm starting a prison server and want to know how to do the following:

    Ex. 1,000,000 ---> 1m

    Spigot 1.15.2
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  2. Works but if i do /pay Steve 1t

    It does not work, how can I do this?
  3. Hey, you will need ChatInject plugin and if you have it change this %vault_eco_balance_formatted% to {vault_eco_balance_formatted}
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  5. He's literally just told you
    You also don't have to bump the thread after you've just replied to it.
  6. Sorry for bumping but he said "%vault_eco_balance_formatted% to {vault_eco_balance_formatted}" but I don't understand where to change this because I'm trying to do /pay some one 1t and there's no config so I need some context.
  7. Scroll down in essentials config by like 70% should be a thing like chat format, add it before {DISPLAY_NAME}
  8. This puts the balance of the player behind his name. I am trying to let players pay another player (ex a trillion) by doing /pay Steve 1t
  9. Oh, then you will need a custom plugin
  10. I hired a developer to make me this. Solved
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