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  1. Ok so i am currently updating my multiplayer server and i managed to resolve most things other than these issues, Essentials chat does not work, and no commands will work at all.
    With essentials chat loaded in you can not type in chat, with it unloaded you can type in chat however you do not see ranks.
    In this log i have on pastebin i tried to type h in the chat this is the console
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  2. Did you get your essentials chat version from spigot? It won't work if you downloaded it from BukkitDev
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  3. yes i did download it from spigot
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  4. Do you have the correct permission given to the specified group to allow global text? It is if I am not mistaken.
  5. No problem ^.^ Glad you got it sorted.
  6. What are the chances.

    I literally just read a thread about animated MOTD's by you. :p
  7. This thread is nearly a year old, no need to bump it since it's already been solved. Feel free to PM me though!
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