SOLVED | Failed to login invalid session (try restarting your game)

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by KingCraft, Jan 16, 2016.

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  1. User [email protected][id=<null>,name=TEST,properties={},legacy=false] (/ has disconnected, reason: Disconnected

    Premium Accounts can enter normally but Cracked cant.

    Spigot 1.8.8 Build #45

    Plugins (41): AntiWorldFly, AuthMe, AutoIn, AutoIn3-AuthMeAddon, ChestShop, Citizens, ClearChat, ClearLag, ColoredSigns, CombatLog, CratesPlus, EasySetSpawn, Essentials, EssentialsChat, Factions, HolographicDisplays, MassiveCore, MaxBans, MinecraftMarket, Multiverse-Core, MyCommand, NametagEdit, NoRain, PermissionsEx, PerWorldPlugins, PlotMe, PlotMe-DefaultGenerator, PlugMan, PrisonMines, Rankup, ScoreboardStats, ShowCaseStandalone, SkinsRestorer, TimeLock, TitleManager, Vault, WarpPortals, WGCustomFlags, WGFlyFlag, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

    Does someone knows a fix ? Thank you.

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  2. go to server.propertise and make sure that "online mode = false"
  3. Its false.. Cant see the problem here
  4. Can you post AutoIn config?
  5. Are you using Bungee?
  6. No , not using it
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  7. Try to turn off the server delete AutoIn folder but keep the jar then start the server
  8. LOL ! Found the problem.. Cant use a premium acc name , thanks guys..
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  9. Tbh, that must be a stupid plugin to disallow that.
    Anyways, try to look into it's config and see if you can toggle this "feature".
  10. No with AutoIn it's impossible. The only solution is add cracked player in no premium whitelist
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