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Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Stilled, Jun 28, 2018.

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  1. Hey guys!

    I own a larger-sized factions server (always 100+ people on) and, to be frank, our TPS has been tanking recently. I've tried to install a bunch of lag-reducing plugins (ClearLag, as an example, but none of them have seemed to help me.

    I am offering $20 to anyone that can help me find out whats wrong. Payment will be sent through PayPal, friends and family.

    Timings: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=3e3cd68b04604299949c8ec89c81fab6
  2. It seems that the lag is due to all the entities, for example,
    Minecraft::tickTileEntity - nms.TileEntityHopper
    count(33954250) total(1.11% 10.688s, 1.67% of tick)
    avg(0.00ms per - 0.83ms/2,645.03 per tick)

    It seems that you have too many entities appearing at once, and with many chunks loaded at once, It starts to affect the tps

    Chunk Ticks - Blocks
    count(10550493) total(19.40% 186.192s, 29.01% of tick)
    avg(0.02ms per - 14.50ms/821.88 per tick)

    count(57540675) total(11.43% 109.724s, 17.10% of tick)
  3. I'm no expert but it looks like it could be a lot of chunks are loaded...
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  4. Yep. I can see that. What I need is a solution though.
  5. Yeah - I've been wondering if I should try LagRemover since it unloads not needed chunks. I'm not 100% sure about using it for a factions server.
  6. You have an extreme amount of tile entities (chests, furnaces, hoppers, etc) loaded, around 21.000 of them. I'm quite sure the lag is caused by the server having to tick this enormous amount of tile entities. I think there are plugins to limit the amount of resources that the server uses to do this or it is some kind of setting in Paper. I'm pretty sure it's either a plugin or a paper setting that can help, but I'm blaming it on someone having an enormous armory of chests & hoppers somewhere.

    Edit: see here the hopper section https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/reducing-lag/
  7. I personally use WildStacker, MergedSpawner, MergedMob, ClearLagg, and Anti-Afk to solve the lag on my server
  8. Also, I suggest reducing the amount of chests, hoppers, furnaces, etc to reduce lag, as they are all running tasks all the time.
  9. Not an easy way to do that I'm assuming haha
  10. See my reply. You can (if I understand correctly) use those settings from that Wiki to modify how often tile entities are processed. Making it processes less often should reduce the lag.

    Example from the Wiki:
    Code (Text):
          hopper-transfer: 24
          hopper-check: 24
    hopper-amount: 3
  11. Just tried to unload some chunks that are not needed with ClearLag, helped at first then ultimately didn't.
  12. Already done.
  13. What are your current settings regarding this? Can you paste those here?
  14. Try WildStacker, It has items that can be stacked over 64 on the ground, Ultimately reducing lag
  15. Sure.

    hopper-transfer: 80
    hopper-check: 80
    hopper-amount: 256

    They need to be faster for factions players (due to their large farms, if they are not fast they get fairly angry)
  16. That actually looks pretty good. However, I'll use that as a last resort since its premium.
  17. Yeah, But the higher it becomes, the more lag is produced, so I suggest using the 24 layout, because it is probrobly the best setting. I would rather play on a server that doesn't have tps lag, then a server that has fast hoppers and affects the tps severely.
  18. I see its already quite high indeed. Any higher will make players mad.

    Hasn't that been a default Spigot (paper) feature since like forever?

    It configured the amount of ticks between processing the hoppers. Higher settings mean the hoppers get processed slower, reducing lag, not causing any.
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