[SOLVED] Global Join // Leave Messages

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  1. Hey there Guys! :)

    I have a little Problem with my Servernetwork. I'd really like to have Global Join- and Leavemessages. I already goggled for a Plugin but only found a outdated one and in the Commentsection someone said that Bungeecord should be doing this by default?
    For me this isn't working. I'm able to edit the Messages for each server using Essentials or something like this but there is no global message for a join or leave. (Even when I disable the messages on each server using HideStream)

    Maybe someone here is able to help me with this. I'm looking forward for your replies! :3
    With best regards
    ~ locotay
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  2. I guess we won't get a big amount of players in the next time. We're more a survivalbased RPG // PvP Server with limited capacity and an average number of 10 users online at a time. Therefor it would be really nice if this would work with the messages. :)
    If i see this right Cloudchat would transfer the entire chat to IRC wich would be mirrored to each server? So the joins and leaves are in IRCformat too? I'll try it out later – maybe this will be exactly what we need, maybe not.
    Thank you for your answer. n_n
  3. Hmm. I'm not quite sure if this is really what I want. Of course the possibility with the IRC is cool and I personally am a big fan of these chats but there are some things that this plugin isn't able to do the right way. For example restricted Chatchannels for factions and admins should be a problem to create because of the accassebilty via an IRC-Client and even passwords (if supportet by this plugin?) aren't a secure solution. x:

    Why is it so hard to find something for such a simple thing? I'm pretty sure it is possible to listen for the join- and leaveevents in the proxyserver and transform that into a chat-output? Unfortunelaty I can't program this by myself. ,–,

  4. The plugin your trying to get was on spigotmc before but the dev remove his account and all his plugins.
  5. Sorry I could not help you.
  6. No problem. It's not your fault u couldn't help. But you tried and i really appreciate this. :)
    Too bad that exactly what I'm looking for was deleted. However – Maybe someone else is able to help me. I'll habe a look around if i could find someone who is able to programm this for me and maybe publish it here. :3
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  7. use plugins
  8. Well.. This was really a helpull answer! ,_,
    U are my TRUE hero! <3

    But I guess this Thread can be closed because I've found a plugin wirking perfectly for me.
    If someone else needs something similar I really recommend BungeeEssentials.