{Solved} Good steam games?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by Venturee, May 10, 2015.

  1. I'm looking about steam and can't find any good games for under £4-£6 :L.
    This is my library so you don't repeat any games I have, otherwise, some good free games can be suggested. I'm just really bored and I'm looking for something to play. I'm gonna get GTAV in the summer sale.
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  2. Portal. At the current excange rate accordint to Google, it's USD price if $9.99 is £6.47, which is near your budget.
  3. I've already got portal for my potatobox 360 :L. I've played the whole plot and don't see much point in playing it again ;-;.

    Thanks, gonna get watch_dogs :).
  4. Just Cause 2
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  5. What did you all think of goat simulator?
  6. Terraria and risk of rain!
  7. I think that you should buy game more expensive but better e.x. CS:GO.
  8. Try dungeon defenders :) its really nice to play with friends
  9. Game Dev Tycoon if you're into those type of games. Get it from G2A
  10. Crack, ezpz.
  11. and do u have games like it or has the same idea?
  12. Terraria, Arma 2 OA (DayZ Mod) (you'll need a decent pc to run it), csgo, those are pretty much the only games im playing right now out of nearly 100 ha
  13. Terraria is quite nice if you wanna play some peaceful single player or if you want some adventurous moments with your buddies.
    The game has a literal ton of content its insane.
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