[SOLVED] GTX 750 ti? Should I buy it?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by fujiboy4, May 12, 2016.

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  1. Hello, I have been saving up some money to buy a new graphics card that would work with my computer.
    The graphics card on newegg costs $120 which is fine. But, I just want to see if anyone has had any troubles with it or if they recommend a different graphics card around the same price. I have seen some Minecraft Forum threads saying that they got this card and it lagged a bunch (15fps). Right now my GT 720 gets around 100 fps with optifine. I was wondering if anyone had any comments on the GTX 750. The thing I like about this card is that it does not require a PCI express connector but can get enough power from my 500W PS from the PCI slot.


    Link to graphics card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...27836&cm_re=GTX_750_ti-_-14-127-836-_-Product
  2. I use an AMD Radeon R9 380. It cost me £160 and frankly it does a heck of a good job. Minecraft is mainly processor based though. I have overclocked this graphics card, but only by 50 (980 is default and I set it to 1030) but, I will most likely be upgrading to one of the new NVIDA graphics cards, like the 1070 or the 1080. Not for a while though, I only recently purchased this graphics card and put my PC together.

    I've heard decent reviews regarding the GTX 750Ti. Many of my friends have them and they get a solid 500 FPS. With the Ti, you'll get more, since its a better card. I can get around 800 with my Raedon overclocked but I limit it to 60. I see no point setting my FPS to unlimited.

    Anyway, yeah, its a good card overall so yes I would say you should get it. You could on the other hand save up a bit more and purchase a 960 or a 970 or even a 980 if you wanted too but if you're just playing MC, the GTX 750Ti will be great.

    Ben :D
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  3. I have some other games I do play like Star Conflict and Trove. But, my graphics card can pretty much handle them as of now. So I think this will get me good fps for any game. While recording. Recording was my main issue. I got about 50 fps while recording... and Particles lagged a bit. Ok thanks! :)
  4. No, get a 950. Same price (Ish) in the UK, much better GPU. (Using business suppliers anyway).
    If you can't afford a 950, wait until you can. Much better than a 750ti and not much more expensive if at all
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  5. Question is. Does it require a PCI express connector from the power supply or does it only need the PCI?
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  6. Sorry what, do you mean what power does it need, 8/6/4 pin? the PCIe refers to the lane on the motherboard. It looks like it takes an 8 pin, you could get an adapter if need be. The 750Ti takes a 6 pin
    Direct X is the software/firmware built into Windows which enables higher performance and utility support for graphics card. Direct X12 is in Windows 10
  7. 750ti does not in fact take a 6-pin, it has no power cable, unless you are using an aftermarket one that has beefier fans (which you dont need).

    I have an EVGA-branded single-fan 750ti in my current home work/gaming PC, it runs minecraft with optifine + sonic ether shaders and 14 view distance at a solid 40-60 fps while moving, and does very well in every other game i play. The fans are quiet and it never overheats.

    It is widely regarded as one of the best performance-for-value GPUs ever made, and will probably stay that way for a while, considering the high power usage and glitches with the 900-series cards.

    It looks vastly better than the 720, which i must admit i have never heard of. Looking at it, i am impressed that it does not even have a fan.. It actually works for low-end gaming without overheating, and with 1GB of memory?
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  8. Yeah.. It works ok. And yeah, no fan.. It is also really small. So I should stick to the 750 then? I know my one friend has a bit of trouble with his 970.
  9. I love my R9 380, I have the Gigabyte version. Obviously it's more expensive but it still gets the job done and it can play GTA 5 at 60 fps :)

    Now, on-to the 750 Ti:

    It is a great card, especially for the price. However, if you're looking into serious gaming, this probably isn't your best bet if you want the best quality. Not to mention that this is from 2 years ago, so it might lose its value as time goes on and as games get more demanding. Then again, if you're only playing Minecraft I would strongly suggest getting this card as well as looking at your processor.
  10. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    As the GTX 1080 / 1070 pretty much just single-handedly invalidated the current generation of Nivida cards, you can expect price drops on everything in the 9xx series very soon (now in some cases). Something to consider.
  11. 750 is also quite small, a friend described it as "graphics toast" (compared to "graphics loaf").

    900-series drivers are allergic to several things, including actually using GPU resources effectively, windows 10, lots of games, some other games, windows 8, ect. The next-gen nvidia cards will be expensive and buggy for a while, as well. Maybe check back in two years.

    AMD cards historically spew rainbows (quite literally) when they meet openGL graphics, which is what minecraft uses, but i hear they are getting better.
  12. I currently use a 750Ti myself, and it is a great card, especially for its age. Can run Minecraft with shaders at more than playable FPS just fine, as well as say, Skyrim, which I had heavily loaded with graphical mods (and mods in general). That said, it is now a few years and generations old, so keep that in mind if you're at all concerned about future-proofing.
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  13. Yeah, I'm mostly into minecraft and other "non-high-graphic" games. And I think I have a pretty good processor to be honest.
    AMD Vishera 6000x Hexa-Core
  14. Which one, specifically? The FX-6300?
  15. FX-6300. Sorry :p
  16. I have GTX 750 TI I have 250 fps
  17. You'd be wasting your money if you got that card now :p
  18. As Ammino said, it's honestly not worth it at thing point to buy a 750 ti. I would wait and spend my money on the 950 or even a 960 when they drop in price... I mean they already did but maybe they will again.
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  19. I have a 750Ti and it still works great, I've had no issues with it and it run everything great at 1080p but.. it is getting on the old side and would recommend saving a little more and getting a newer card in the GTX series. If you can't, then I would still hugely recommend the GForce GTX 750Ti as a Graphics card.
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