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  1. I didn't realize OVH would ask for a legal ID and utility bill, so when I was registering my account for my dedicated server I entered my name (I'm only 17) instead of my moms. Now it's asking for a legal ID and utility bill with my name on it, and I have neither of those. Am I able to change the name of the account in to my mom's name and send them a picture of her ID and a utility bill instead? if so how would I do this. Call? email? Thanks to anybody that can help.
  2. you can make your mom sign a document that says she validates you to hire that service
  3. fake one.
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  4. Sounds to me that you didn't read the TOS even though when you mostly has to check a box that said something like.. "I has read and understand the TOS".

    I am SURE they would clearly state this somewhere in there and thus it at YOUR fault that you didn't read the terms of the servicing.
  5. When I was young, innocent and used to use OVH it did say that yes. I read terms and conditions, leave me alone :p
  6. Again, I hired it while I was 15 I just sent a paper signed by my mom saying I was allowed
  7. How would I go about doing this?
    I'm sure it did say it somewhere in there but I can't be the only one that has clicked without reading before. The address and all of the info is correct, it's just I'm a minor so it has to be in my moms name instead..
  8. Call OVH and ask them they will tell you
  9. Put it this way.. Would you go out and steal from Walmart if everyone else got away with it? You are to read contracts prior to clicking anything else. This show the supplier/vendor that you are being a responsible person. :)

    Anyway go ahead and try calling them like the poster said..
  10. I called and they said it happens a lot and just to explain it in an email to the validation team and send all of the proper documents and I should be fine. Thanks everybody for your replies.
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  11. No problems good luck with getting everything sorted out with them.
  12. With ovh, if you are underage always have your parent or guardian's name in it in case this happens. They validate generally only the first order, so after that they will not check your account 90 percent of the time for new orders. Fourtinitly I never had to verify with OVH myself.

    You should call ovh, they will probably have your mom sign a legal document, or do something else.
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  14. Update: I just called them and explained that I'm 17 without a legal ID and that my mom is giving me consent and they had me email them a picture of my school ID, my moms ID, and a utility bill, and they accepted it. Ezpz
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  15. I'm not a lawyer, and I do not advocate doing this, but OVH really doesn't care about your age.
    Myself and others have submitted no more than the requested papers (government issued paper with address, passport, credit card) at ages below 18 (I was 15 at the time) and passed the validation quickly with no issues.
  16. I think it's more of a validation for them to come after you in case you do something illegal and the police comes around. IMO this should be a standard for all vps customers. Would def. lower the amount of especially DDoS instances around the world.