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  1. Hello, I'm looking into switching to a new host and would like some recommendations.

    EDIT: I would also like to know why you recommend that host.

    Here is some info on the server.

    The server will be running 1.8.9
    There will be about 30 plugins.
    Average players online will be 20.
    I want the server to be NA.
    My budget is about $10/month

    Thank you very much!
  2. ExtraVM, 6 bucks a month (2G should be more than enough for a 1.8 server with 30 plugins and 20 concurrent)

    Why I recommend it: Excellent hardware, support & competent management
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  3. ExtraVM would be a good choice, but I'd suggest 3 GB, that's still within your budget.
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  4. Okay thank you. I'll have a look
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  5. I'm still looking for more suggestions, so if you have any please tell me.
  6. Truly nothing beats shockbyte. You will be happy with it I run twelve servers through it right now.
  7. If you can handle using linux on a vps,i bought one quite a while ago from https://www.hetzner.com/cloud to keep some modded servers.and so far i havent noticed any bit of lag(most of the modpacks were heavy skyfactory/project ozone/sevtech),and the price its pretty alright
    10e for 8gb ram 2 cores,80gb ssd,also love that i can host pretty much every type of game server on it if i want to play with friends for a small period of time
  8. They only have servers in Germany and Finland, and I want the location to be NA
  9. You can buy servers from OVH or SoYouStart (cheaper but it's located in Canada)
  10. I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about BisectHosting and ExtraVM. If you want the best of the best, go for one of those. There are great coupon codes available for both of them. :coffee:
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  11. BisectHosting looks correct on price for the hardware but only for dedicated servers (if you are looking for a huge player capacity of course)

    EDIT : I just looked at the requirements and Minecraft Premium Packages from BisectHosting seems legit
  12. BisectHosting is the good stuff. Highly recommend. They have great specs, have quick and professional support, and don’t overshare their nodes. Use the promo code 0TE3H6U8PM for 50% off your first purchase. Go with an annual subscription for the biggest savings.

    If you end up choosing ExtraVM, which is also a fantastic option, instead, use the promo code THR12 for 12% off every billing!

    When it comes to shared hosting, BisectHosting and ExtraVM are truly the best of the best. :coffee:
  13. For less than 100 players it's quite good indeed
  14. You think they wouldn’t handle 100+ players? :coffee:
  15. It depends but if you are talking about Premium Packages or Dedicated Servers
    For the first one, I'm not convinced that it can support plugins for hundred of players
    For Dedicated Servers, it would work for sure
  16. I think I'll be going with BisectHosting. Thank you very much for all the suggestions.
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  17. No worries! Be sure to use the coupon code 0TE3H6U8PM for 50% off your first billing. If you want the maximum savings, I’d recommend going for an annual subscription, and you’ll only pay half of that the first billing.

    If you’re curious where I found the coupon code, I found it here. Any time you make a purchase on the web, google “*service* coupon codes,” and you’ll almost certainly save a good amount of money. :coffee:
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