[Solved] How to change 1.8 cannons (1.8 makes tnt flow) to 1.7 mechanics anyone?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Xveno, Jul 5, 2015.

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  1. So I am running spigot 1.8.7 and It's a upcoming server that is still under development (It's Factions, PvP, And Raiding). So I was wondering if someone Knew if there was a way to change the the flow on TnT when using a a Cannon and make it so that it won't flow at all. I seen Other servers make cannons back like in 1.7 in their 1.8 servers. If anyone can Please Help me On this it will be appreciated!
  2. Tux


  3. Link to the patch in PaperSpigot?
  4. It doens't seem to make TnT like the Old TNT it used to be from what I can tell.
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  5. That's right. Doing so will revert TNT, falling block & redstone mechanics back to 1.7 so that cannons will work normally again.
  6. Ok, Everything has been Solved Out Thanks!
  7. @Xveno glad people could help you enjoy the rest of your time at spigotmc.org :)
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  8. Where do we upload the files in PaperSpigot?
  9. May I have a link to this paper spigot I would like it to be 1.8 spigot paper please
  10. Still doesnt fix it btw.
  11. My post was due to me being uneducated on the topic. Paperspigot does fix cannons, you just have to configure it correctly. You need to have the fix-cannons set to true, then you need to change the max tnt per tick to 3k then you need async lighting, tick-next-tick-list-cap-ignores-redstone set to true, and you need to set it so that falling blocks and tnt load chunks.
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  12. Complicated stuff that might brake other things.
    I would recommend the plugin instead.
  13. Why add another plugin when all of those fixes are built into paperspigot. They dont break anything. They fix something... cannons
  14. Indeed. But the lightning, TNT tick, Redstone tick etc. May break some things inside of Minecraft.
    Be careful changing such settings when they aren't meant to only change the TNT Mechanics.
    Lightning etc. is meant for other things aswell.
  15. I have done the things you have said and from what i can see.. my TNT mechanics are fixed but some of my plugins are being weird..;/ I'm getting all sorts of console errors because i assume plugins aren't supporting paper spigot? Any fix on that?
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  16. Also dude what is this setting? Where is it? i cant find anything to change the max tnt per tick? Is it the option: " tick-next-tick-list-cap: 10000" ?
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