[SOLVED] How to load chunks

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  1. Hi! Im maiking a minigame and i need make a Fireworks generator in a location. But i have a problem. I cant get locations while these chunk isnt loaded... So... How can i load chunks before create my generator? And what happen if these chunk is unloaded? How can i reload it again?
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    chunk.Load(); if you want to keep the chunks loaded add them to a list and listen to the ChunkUnloadEvent,if it were to be in the list then cancel the event.
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  3. if (!(new Location(Bukkit.getWorld(this.getWorld()), 3985, 71, 68)).getChunk().isLoaded())
    (new Location(Bukkit.getWorld(this.getWorld()), 3985, 71, 68)).getChunk().load();

    Null pointer.

    Why? :/
  4. Maybe your issue is because of something else, can you post more code?
  5. Change "this.getWorld()" to your worlds name, since getWorld() probably isn't returning anything.
  6. Remember guys, if u get a location, first load the world.


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