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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by OhhhZenix, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. As you see the still me and my friends are soon making a server upgrade and we were wondering if Ovh
    Dedicated Server: SP-128 enough to host 8 servers with at least 100-200 players on it and like with 40-50 plugin with 10gb on each server do you think is enough and do any of you guys have a suggestion for me and my friends. Please help me out guys thank you.
  2. OVH is very good hosting site and they offer good services, if you want these many servers I think that 100 players would be ok, I'm not sure about 200 with 10gb for each one.
  3. OVH is definitely good. They are worth checking out. Also, check out SoYouStart which is basically OVH.
  4. k because we are planing soon to upgrade so thats why i was wondering if it is worth the upgrade
  5. Just use OVH, it's very good has very great support if needed instead of SoYouStart.
  6. kk
    thanks for the suggestion
  7. Ovh dedi support Is even worse than SYS. And they randomly ask for ID within 5days or your server gets cancelled sometimes. That'd the one reason I'm not with ovh...
  8. In over a year of using OVH I have never seen mine nor anyone I knows servers being cancelled.
    They ask for ID sometimes for extra verification, just to make sure you are who you say you are - Just provide it, what's so hard about that?
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  9. My friend was on holiday for 2 weeks, and came back to find his service cancelled and all his stuff deleted. He was storing stuff to do with an app and was heartbroken.
  10. Probably didn't pay up.
  11. I bet it wasn't the case, something similar happened to me with OVH.
  12. You need to buy 20gb of ram for that.
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  13. I've heard such story several times. I've heard people randomly got asked for their IDs n shit, they never asked me though. People should always be checking their e-mail, especially when hosting servers. Even if you're on vacation, you can still take your phone out once a day and check your e-mail for important things, such as this. I'm not entirely blaming someone for not doing that, but I heard OVH does that within 5 days, which is pretty extreme...

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