[Solved] Lag on locally-hosted server?

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  1. I am running a server on my home network. When I connect to it, my traffic flows through our internal router into another router which the server is connected to.

    My issue is that recently, I have experienced an unacceptable amount of lag when playing on it. There is a delay between when I log in/teleport somewhere and when I can actually start interacting with things, and occasionally I'll experience a lag spike. This issue also occurs for users connecting over the Internet.

    Here is what I know so far:
    • CPU usage remains low
    • Memory usage remains low
    • The lag persists regardless of what JAR I'm running (vanilla, CraftBukkit, or Spigot)
    • The lag persists regardless of what plugins I'm running
    • The lag persists regardless of what world is loaded
    • Disabling Intel SpeedStep does not solve the issue
    • Stopping the SQL server running in the background does not solve the issue
    • Another server running under a different user profile does not experience this issue
    • I'm running on a 7200RPM hard drive, so I won't immediately rule out disk speed being the cause, but I do not recall having this issue on an older drive.
    • Connecting through the same router does not solve the issue
    • Playing on a client on the same physical machine as the server does not solve the issue
    This information leads me to believe that the issue lies somewhere on the server machine itself.
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  2. You may have terrible internet
  3. I have 100Mbps internally (server is on a 1Gbps CAT5e cable) and 150Mbps symmetrical to the outside. It's anything but terrible.
  4. Internet has nothing to do with this as its a Internal LAN Issue,

    Have you tried using something like wireshark and or checked the logs on the router to see if anything is happening there ?
  5. It's not a good idea host a website on your home network you could get cheap hosting at KimSufi.com I use to host a website on my home network and every time my brother would watch netflix I would lost like 2 players.
  6. Could be the server itself what's the stats you are running right now.
  7. Don't get off topic he didn't even mention he was hosting a website on his home network,

    What type of router do you have ?
  8. I will be ignoring all posts suggesting I not host from home as I have already proven that my connection is more than capable of doing so.

    I don't want to use Wireshark just yet because I don't have the time tonight to analyze a large list of packets. However, when I was running the CraftBukkit and vanilla JARs, the server would print out the "Can't keep up!" error. I always thought this was due to hardware limitations.
  9. It has a Xeon E3-1276 V3 CPU, 32GB RAM, and a 1TB 7200RPM hard drive.

    The server is connected to a Verizon FiOS Quantum Router (model FiOS-G1100). I was thinking it might be some QoS traffic prioritization issue, but I can't seem to find any QoS settings on the router.
  10. That's a very solid server.. it has to be something with your internet.
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  11. It's not my Internet.


    This is with multiple people using it (two playing games and three streaming video).
  12. That error most likely is due to hardware limitations, What is the server network negotiating at ?
  13. Ya that is very solid hardware, must be a underline networking issue
  14. My connection is on plain CAT5 until it gets to the internal router. It's all CAT5e from then on (between routers and from the Verizon router to the server).
  15. Could a SQL server be causing network congestion?

    EDIT: Just stopped the SQL server's service and the lag persists.
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  16. Is the server under very heavy load? Even if its great hardware say your running 100 servers off it you will have serious lag. What other things are running on the server?
  17. I was talking about a server lol.
  18. I have three Minecraft servers (all of which are empty most of the time; one is hosted on a different user profile), a TeamSpeak3 server (also usually empty), and a SQL server running. Typical CPU load is around 1%-3% but jumps up to around 10% when someone teleports or logs in to one of the Minecraft servers.

    EDIT: I just thought of something. I will go disable Intel SpeedStep and see if the issue persists. Perhaps the CPU doesn't believe it needs to ramp up frequency when it indeed does, causing poor performance.
  19. Disabling SpeedStep had no impact on performance.
  20. Maybe it's the HDD?
    Try using an SSD?
    I don't know.. never ever had this issue.
    Maybe @JamesJ or @redfrosting can help.
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