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  1. I am currently in the process of making Beta 1.0 for my server and I am remaking my MOTD. I currently need ideas that I can use for my MOTD as I am stuck. :(
    Any help will be appreciated! :D
    (NOTE: I am talking about a Server List MOTD not an in game MOTD :p)
  2. Yes
  3. You can put my servers ip in it if you want :)

    But seriously, just be creative and not too colourful
  4. Well are there any "templates" for MOTDS? :p
    Can anyone give me theirs and let me base mine off of it? <3
  5. make something like this &4{servername} &8>> &6{Release date or something else}
    Idk just make it creative dont use too much colors because people will hate it otherwise.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.