[SOLVED] Multicraft... Problems let's say.

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  1. Well i just bought my own server from Hetzner.de and i installed Multicraft to it. Well on the last step of the install i ran into a problem. With the Install.php When i open it in my browser it just shows this;
    Any ideas how to fix? Multicraft support is slow as a snail and i only have this week to make the server work and accept players.
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  2. Do you have all the requirements for multicraft?
    Taken from http://www.multicraft.org/site/page?view=install
    For the all-in-one package you only need to have Java installed.
    For all the packages the following requirements have to be fulfilled:
    • Java runtime (i.e. you can run the Minecraft server)
    • Webserver with PHP 5.2 support
    • SQLite or MySQL PDO extension for PHP (all distributions have packages for this or include it by default)
  3. Eh... Might be. Durr.. im new with thease. How do i install them? or from where?
  4. You don't have PHP installed.
  5. O hi lax, Erhm.. Could you have a link for it :/ Not very good with thease yet.. as you may notice :)
  6. Looks like you haven't installed php and most likely Java and MySQL. You will have to install them and configure them.
  7. Thanks for help in telling me what's wrong. Im really a newbie in thease things (Old one had all that pre-installed) Now just one Question... Where do i find them all :/ Ik that Google is a friend but not sure what to install.
  8. Have you been doing stuff over SSH? Just google the commands to install them it isn't that hard. If you're on Ubuntu I believe php is apt-get install php5
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  9. Im using CentOS and yes SSH
  10. yum install php54w
  11. Well, PHP is now installed. Now i just need to find the java...
  12. Well now im really confused. I installed java & PHP and still the page likes to be as it was before? :/
  13. Oh nevermind, Needed to restart apache. Well now i just need to fix everything else on the console and im done :) Thanks for help