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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by BrettPlayMC, Jun 25, 2016.

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  1. So earlier today I posted this resource:
    Now about an hour after I posted it I updated it.
    Then I reloaded the page and I saw this:
    Now at the time I did not know what to think but then I gave the link to a friend and he said he had no permission to view the page. At this point I put two and two together and realized the resource had been removed. :(
    But why?
    This resource was perfectly fine as I don't see anything wrong with it. I would like some input from the Spigot community. :)
  2. You saw what? All I can see is the standard "your resource is waiting approval" message. If you're referring to the review, show us what the review said.
  3. The review was a 5 star review and I did not apply for this resource to be premium.
    In fact I can't even upload premium resources!
  4. Someone must have reported it and they checked it out and had a good reason to remove it.

    What did it do? Did you put in any malicious code, intentially (ur a good person off yu wouldn't) or not intentially?
  5. It simply printed a countdown into chat...
    It was A Skript too...
  6. Why did you blur out the contributors and version?

    Also I edited my post sorry what was there was not English lol
  7. Oh idk. :p
    There is no malicious code in it what so ever... :(
  8. Im not really sure then. I guess PM one of the people who does plugin stuff or send spigot an email in the contact us button at the button (however they take some time to respond sometimes)
  9. Ok. :(
  10. Probably too basic
  11. Thing one and thing two are extremely basic, infact they're unrelevant though I don't see them being removed.

    Use a more secure password, preferably random character one, and enable two-factor account authentication. You can never be too careful ;)
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  12. Well they're actually plugins, so atleast they can be basic without the need for extra dependencies...
    Also, it's possible that no one have reported and therefore staff hasn't seen it.

    From what Brett explains it sounds awfully basic and I'd have removed it too if I was in that position.
  13. Done! ;)
    Thanks for the tip!
    About to send an email! :D
  14. Someone could have reported it, maybe one of the staff members saw that your plugin had a similar code to another plugin thats similar to yours
  15. I don't think so... :/
  16. you're going to have to contact a staff member then, this is a weird issue
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