[Solved] No one can connect to server outside my network.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by flyingjoe32, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Hello. I have done everything I can to try and make my server work outside my network but it isn't working. I'm using CraftBukkit 1.9 from your BuildTools.jar. I have:
    • portforwarded and used "canyouseeme.org". Results say port is open.
    • Tried connecting with localhost, it worked.
    • Tried connecting internally ( worked.
    • Tried connecting externally (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:25565) did not work. Error I got is in the pictures.
    Anyone have some advice? Here is the server.properties http://pastebin.com/fHCuwxrg
    can you see me.png mc error.png port forward.png
  2. Set server-ip in server.properties to your external ip
  4. You already have a server running on that port
  5. When the server is offline, canyouseeme.org tells me that 25565 is blocked. I don't think any server is running under that port.
  6. No no no. What OS are you using. This explains it all.
  7. If he had a server on that port, he would be able to connect doffus. Lol
  8. I am using Windows 10 Pro version 1511 OS Build 10586.420
  9. Thats why win 10 has firewall rules. you need to add ports 25565 in and out in your firewall rules. then itll work from outside your network
  10. Just did that, still doesn't work. I added both TCP and UDP to both inbound and outbound firewalls.
  11. Maybe I should bump my conversation with you that I can fix it?
  12. Restart your computer and try again since you don't understand what @VentureForo is saying FAILED TO BIND TO PORT means the server is still running you need to shut it down I assume you launched it from the jar and not a .bat file
  13. I know what FAILED TO BIND TO PORT means, the server isn't running, restarting my computer doesn't change anything and I use a .bat file, not the .jar itself.
  14. If you have port forwarded corrected on your router, added firewall rules to windows 10 that should be working our next question is do you have any antivirus software on your computer that might have firewall software that is included with it Like Norton Security Suite for example?
  15. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Do NOT put an IP address inside server.properties; That is not needed except in certain instances, Home hosting is hardly one of them.
    Also, You yourself might not be able to connect using your external IP address from the internal network, not all routers support that.

    That is probably the best tool to check if your Minecraft server is accessible from the outside network.
  16. I'll be damned, my router apparently didn't support me connecting through my external IP. The website says it's available! Thank you very much, guess I was trying to solve nothing hehe.
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