[SOLVED] NullPointerException (Can't find Line Number)

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  1. I recently encountered a NullPointerException. Problem is, this was in the constructor of a class or at least that's what I think it is. But awkwardly enough, I can't find the line number in the StackTrace. Here's the Exception:
    Please also inform me as to what "<init>" is, because I think it's telling me that there's an error in the constructor of toolGUI class? Am I correct?
  2. Is the plugin obfuscated? The line numbers should be after tool.java and toolGUI.java in the brackets.

    The <init> (initialization) refers to a constructor.
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  4. There was a error in the config file. I don't why it didn't tell me the line, but I found the error after a lot of getLogger().info(String); messages :p Thanks for the help!