[SOLVED] one gui appears, but the other wont

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  2. I believe the problem is this line:
    if (e.getCurrentItem() == null || !e.getCurrentItem().hasItemMeta() ){

    If the item does not have item meta you are returning. A dragon egg wont have item meta unless you gave it some.
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  3. isnt that giving it an item meta
    ItemStack view = new ItemStack (Material.DRAGON_EGG);
    ItemMeta viewmeta = view.getItemMeta();

    EDIT: i tried it and it didnt work
  4. Ah, I see the issue:
    inv3.setItem(9, thunder);

    The inventory you created is of size 9, meaning that its slots are 0-8. Slot 9 is not valid.

    Edit: Same with this line:
    inv2.setItem(9, enchant);
  5. wow thank you :p