[Solved] OVH Downtime Information

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  1. The Issue:
    Currently ten OVH fibre cables are cut and communication to many servers impossible.

    Official Incident Report:

    Activity Log:
    Updated manually by me, based on what I can find!

    [00:10] Official report released, social media reports connection issues to many servers hosted in Canada. Comment from OVH technician: "We currently have 10 links between Montreal and Beauharnois down.Traffic going trough Newark <> BHS. We are in contact with our provider. We think about a fiber cut."

    [00:21] It is confirmed that data centers in other locations, including Rubaix France remain unaffected.

    [00:33] Some owners appear to be up again, but issue persists for others. Comment on official incident page has vanished - almost resolved?

    [00:39] First reports of a fix via. Twitter, awaiting confirmation on the ticket.

    [00:40] All nodes back to normal.
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  2. joehot200


    Well, at least i'm in their french database. I've got no connection issues.
  3. Urgh, RIP my testing server. At least I don't have any public servers hosted with OVH.
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    Is there really a need to open up a fourth thread about it?
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  5. There weren't any threads at time of creation, wanted to create a detailed log rather than discussion with this one.
  6. They appear to be up, for this moment in time anyway.
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  7. Mines running fine.
  8. the ONE node I'm using is affected by this -_-