[SOLVED] Pixelmon Client Crash 1.7.10

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  1. I'm not entirely sure this is the right forum to post this in, but I couldn't find a section for server management with mods.

    So I'm new to setting up Pixelmon on my server. I can log in, load, and then immediately it logs me out and I receive this crash log when trying to log in to my server:

    I only get a couple of seconds before it crashes me. I also did not see any Pokemon so I don't believe it's my mods. I know it's something on the server because I am capable of logging in other 1.7.10 Pixelmon servers, just not my own.

    On the server, I am running Pixelmon 3.5.1-universal.jar, Forge-1.7.10-, and Cauldron 1.7.10-1614. There are no plugins installed yet.
    Current files: http://pastebin.com/yd5Xs1ru

    On my side in my mods folder, I am running Optifine for 1.7.10, Pixelmon 3.5.1-universal.jar, and Forge-1.7.10- (the same as the server besides Optifine). I have also tried logging in the server without Optifine and I receive the same error and I have no issue logging in a different 1.7 Pixelmon server with the same Optifine.
  2. a mob spawner at 205,33,242 is making your client explode. Probably the result of Too Many Mods syndrome.
  3. "Too Many Mods" syndrome? I'm not sure what you mean by that. Lol. Is that when there isn't enough memory or something? I tried allocating 5 GB of space in the profile menu but that didn't seem to help. I don't lag at all with 1.7.10, so I don't see how that could be an issue. The only mods installed on the server are Pixelmon. I haven't installed any of the sidemods yet. Should I attempt to make a world without structures so no spawners?
  4. It refers to what happens when people install every mod they can find, and get all sorts of horrible conflicts. I guess that is not the issue here.

    It could just be a corrupt chunk or a block with normally impossible data. I would try regenerating that one chunk, or a new world. If it continues, report it to the mod creator(s).
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  5. Yes, I set the spawner block to air in the console and I am able to log in without crashing now. But do you know if this happens to all spawners or just this particular block/chunk?
  6. Nope. i have no idea what pixelmon even is. Drop a spawner and find out :rolleyes: