[SOLVED] PlayerInteractEvent can't trigger twice

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  1. Good morning, everyone.

    I'm encountering a small problem on my plugin. The idea is to be able to perform a particular action when a player clicks on his feet. To do this, I subscribe to the PlayerInteractEvent like this

    Code (Java):

        void onPlayerInteract(PlayerInteractEvent playerInteractEvent) {
            Player player = playerInteractEvent.getPlayer();

            this.ifHand(playerInteractEvent.getHand(), () -> {
                if (Games.hasItemInHand(player, Games.ITEM_COMMAND, GameCommand.CommandLabel.WW)) {
                } else {
                    Games.applyOnTarget(player, target -> this.interaction(player, target, playerInteractEvent)); //<= the event is canceled in the "interaction" method

    (The ifHand method just allows me to avoid triggering the event twice).

    Here's the problem: when I perform this action the first time, everything goes well: I have my whole scenario running. However, the second time, nothing happens (even if I put a logger at the start of the method, nothing is displayed) and I don't have a stack displayed.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

    Update: this problem does not appear when I levitate. It occurs only when I click on a block.
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  2. Update : NVM, just found that the first event was, indeed, PlayerInteractEvent , but the second one was
    EntityDamageByEntityEvent because I had set up an invisible armorstand on the player...