[Solved] Plugin stress test

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  1. I often wonder whether the plugin I developed is a heavy plugin or not, I've always used NoLagg's tester for it. But I actually wondered if someone knows an even better program to measure this since I won't be running NoLagg. I only use it for testing.
  2. Use timings. (No plugin needed if using spigot)

    Do the following:

    /timings on
    After 5-10 minutes do
    /timings paste
    /timings off
  3. And what does this give me? A file, info on screen or something else?
  4. Dmck2b

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    It'll link you to a webpage.

    Heres a sample output from my server

    14:35:20 [INFO] Your timings have been pasted to http://paste.ubuntu.com/5849688/
    14:35:20 [INFO] You can view the results at http://aikar.co/timings.php?url=5849688

    Going to the second link will give you a near full picture of what your plugin is doing when you click on "See Rest" (Mine is very small as I only just quickly did that for a few seconds).
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  5. Thanks, changed it to solved.