[SOLVED] Really interested in packet sided programming, any ideas on where to start?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by AdrianPMC, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Hi Spigot Members!

    I have been prigramming for a while (well sort of, I dont know as much as some, but im not a beginner) and I have been interested in the spigot/bukkit API, I recently was interested in the packet side of things, it really cought my eye giving effects to specific players and I thought it could really improve my quallity of plugins. I know some people say its not the best because for every craft bukkit release you have to update, but I also read somewhere that ProtocolLib helps with that? Im just looking for any tutorials or examples or just what to do when starting to program with packets (if thats how you say it xD) and im open to pretty much anything :D thanks to anyone that replies and I hope you guys have a wonderful day (im in a good mood xD)
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  2. sothatsit


    If you want to get into packets, take a look at ProtocolLib and ProtocolWrapper. Also take a look at wiki.vg.

    ProtocolLib is a library used to abstract out the use of packets, so that they don't break every update and are more stable. ProtocolWrapper makes ProtocolLib easier to use, it adds classes which wrap the classes so you can just go packet.setEntityId(id); instead of packet.getIntegers().write(0, id);. Bit more clear and easier to understand.

    wiki.vg has a list of all the different packets in minecraft and outlines what they all do. It also contains a lot of info about how different values in the packets are used and what they are used for. wiki.vg is pretty much required if you dont want to explode decoding what all the different values do in the packets.
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  3. Thanks, just got off a flight... so will be happy to test those websites out tommorow! Thanks everyone for helping! :D