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  1. Uzi


    What do I do or what can I do with this?


    If someone deletes there plugin off the site do I need to ask them permission to try to fix there plugin and if so I know Heart66 but he has be inactive for so long, Can I have this updated? Or would I need to confirm it with the Owner and ask the Owner let me know everyone thanks!

    Found who I was looking for but not sure if I can edit this or even update this ill ask him before so,
    Just going to close this I don't think he will ever get back online and if he does I don't think he will message me so I am just going to delete the plugin off my desktop I am running on server version 1.11.2 and I wanted to use that but I am not going to anymore , thanks everyone and have a wonderful amazing week
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  2. Did the plugin page have any information on what you can and can't do with the plugin? Most developers allow you to edit their plugin but only for your own use.

    If the developer is active on Spigot, I would message him and ask though.
  3. Uzi


    Alright thanks for the advice <3 found him
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