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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Genzou, May 31, 2016.

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  1. I've tried to go into the essentials config and change the arrows on the display name, but after doing /manload or restarting the server, it does nothing. I've tried changing other settings in the essentials config and they all seem to work, besides the essentials chat. The only problems I can think of would be that I changed the default world, so essentials might be locked onto that world (doesn't really make sense since the other options worked fine, but maybe), and that the essentials version is a snapshot, so it might not work properly. Is there anyway to fix this?
  2. First of all, use EssentialsX. It's kept up to date. Second, you might try altering factions if you have it because it overrides chat format. Otherwise, put your config into an online YAML parser to see what's wrong.
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  3. Like @Exclarity said please post your config into a YAML parser or here so another person can look at it. What plugins do you also have so we can see if another plugin is overwriting your essentials config. I know a few plugins that will overwrite the essentials chat plugin
  4. I can't get EssentialsX unfortunately. I'm using a host that only allows you to have a maximum of 10 plugins, and I've reached that quota. As for checking the factions settings, how do I do that? I only have the factions.jar file and the massive core folder that goes with it, but it doesn't seem like that's what I need.
  5. There are too many. XD
  6. Ch
    Check mstore in the main directory, then factions-mconfig or something like that. Go into Mysore and list options to me.
  7. *mstore, sorry. Autocorrect.
    Main directory>mstore> list me the options.
  8. How do I go about using a YAML Parser (sorry, never used one before)? I tried using one, but it's asking me to enter a url. What should I do at that point?

    I just used some sort of online YAML Parser, just tell me if you need me to do something else with it. The plugins I have are: Essentials, Essentials AntiBuild, Essentials GeoIP, Essentials Chat, Group Manager, Essentials Protect, Essentials Spawn, Factions, Massivecore and Factions.
  9. Do as I said. Remove all essentials, and install essentialsx. You only need Group manager, EssentialsX, and Essentials Chat. But make sure they're all the EssX versions. Afterwards,
    Main Dir> mstore> factions_mconf> chat override= disable. To use a YAML parser (I'll link one in a sec) copy and paste the essentials main config file into the parser.
  10. yaml-online-parser.appspot.com or yamllint.com
  11. Alright, I'll try getting essentialsx and I'll tell you what happens.
  12. Keep in mind, EssX, while better than essentials, because it is kept fresh, is not a fix to the chat issue. It is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY that you find the factions file. Let me find it in my panel for you. I assume you use ServerPro?
  13. /mstore/factions_mconf/instance.json

    If you want a better factions that will not auto-override chat, and doesn't rely on MassiveCore, save yourself a plugin and install FactionsOne.
  14. If you want faster, easier, and more personal help with further issues, feel free to pm me. I know a lot, and if there's something I don't, I'll figure it out.
  15. But how can I post the config file onto here? Once I've put it through the YAML parser it gives me a UTF-8 version, but this site counts it as spam, probably because it's too long. I've got essentialsx, essentialsx chat and essentialsx group manager and they work fine, but it now takes a long time to get into the server.
  16. I appreciate the help, really. Thanks for the suggestion on factionsone as well.
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  17. Im not sure what exactly you're doing, as I don't have this problem.
    Remove all unneeded stuff now, and I recommend FactionsOne. It's just the same factions but doesn't override and you don't need MassiveCore.
    I'm not sure what you did, because it works fine and swift on mine. And even when I had a free server.
  18. Tell me if/when/why(-) your issue is/was/wasn't fixed when you can!
  19. Yeah, I'm using a mac, and it's starting to act up, so that might be why it's slow. Do I need to delete mcstore once I've implemented factionsone, since it still has the old factions and massivecore folders?
  20. Yep. You need nothing to do with mstore, MassiveCore jar/folders or any of that.
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