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    I want a TS server, and was considering putting it on the same box as my webserver, and spigot server.
    Question is, would it be safe? I've heard that it would make the node more vulnerable to attacks.
  2. Theoretically, yes and no. As long as you install it correctly, it'll be safe (assuming you mean any exploits or security holes). As far as attacks go, TeamSpeak is popular when it comes to malicious attacks, but the same can be said with a Minecraft server. I can't say you won't get attack, but I can't say otherwise. Mainly luck and how you go about things.
  3. Been running it over a year on the same box, no issues. Don't run it as root (duh). TS was always the first to go down during a DDoS though, at least until SYS's protection kicked in.

    P.S. Make sure the option to list your TS server on the teamspeak server listing is OFF. Got tons of trolls that search for them through that.
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    Okay, this what i thought, thanks.
    Thanks for the advice.
  5. I highly suggest having your website, teamspeak and minecraft servers all in separate places not because of security though. The reason I suggest them all to be separate is because if one server goes down your players have a way of contacting you to find out what's up.

    You should be able to run them all on the same machine fine though.
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    I redirect all questions to my twitter, so that's not a huge issue.
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  7. I just run my TS on a 1GB VPS from OVH.
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    I think I'll go with a seperate if I occur any issues.
  9. Even though I do that have them on all machine, I do agree.

    If you/your host can maintain 99%+ uptime though, it's not much of an issue. And something like Twitter makes an acceptable backup :)