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  1. So I know it is possible but I don't know how I would do that. I have a plugin I am developing and at a specific time it sends a text message saying something(sorry i am being private but the project is a surprise until I release it).
    [Edit] Also the phone numbers are going to be stored in a .yml file)
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  2. To send a message to a player use the method Player#sendMessage(String msg).
  3. correct mobile is what i ment
  4. Oh, sorry my mistake. :D But in this case I can't help you.
  5. If you can use email on your mobile, send an email
  6. fist off its for users not me and how would i send an email in a plugin?
  7. You can send an email to phones. text your email on your phone. It will give your phone numbers email address and will send the data to the phone and it will come in as a text message.
  8. i need to know how to send emails
  9. I'm sure there is some kind of api out there you can use. Chances are though unless you setup a server elsewhere and request that it email the user based on some data, you will have to include some form of login credentials for an email... including email and password. However, you could leave the emailing option to the owner to setup. This way you wouldn't have to setup a external server or worry about someone decompiling your code for your email info.
  10. It is for my personal minecraft server. and i would make a config for the email and everything to go when i release it.
  11. :p
  12. None of it works just getting import errors.... using java 8 jdk
  13. Ya those links should be banned from the spigot forums. They ought to be considered spam as they don't truly help people any. They just increase the poster's post count. And honestly, doing stuff like that can result in having your post count reset back to 0.
  14. Sorry
  15. Figured it out thanks for the help