[SOLVED] Some worlds gets 5-10 second lag when first join/warp?

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  1. Hello i have a server that has 10 worlds, and 2 of them are giving me problems of Worlds gets 5-10 second lag when first join/warp in that world. I do the /warp command or log directly into that world and i can move around and stuff, BUT chatting and signs/stuff does not load for 5-10 seconds of lag.

    I checked everything i can think and these 2 worlds don't seem to be any different as far as setting or plugins, so anyone have any ides or similar experiences?

  2. Could be connection lag or tps lag. What is your tps? Also who is your host? Also are you having ping spikes when tping to a world?

    Also multiverse has "keep spawn in memory" for each world. If set the world's spawn cords will keep the chunks loaded making it load faster when a player goes there. But when you have 10 worlds with keep spawn in memory it can use data. (its 256 chunks i think) And for it to even work right you have to set the cords in the multiverse file to the desired area. Are you using multiverse or multiworld?

    Also be aware if you use multiverse the /mv reload command tends to cause nasty issues. When editing that config, stop the server, edit it, then start it back up.
  3. Not a connections problem as all worlds are on same server. Not a TPS problem 19.5+ at all times. Any method of going to that world results in the same 5-10 load/lag spike.

    Using Multiverse, have the keep spawn in memory turned ON, coordinates are set properly. I may have used the /mv relaod option so that "could" be the problem, but why only effecting 2 of 10 worlds? Also If so how do i fix that?
  4. Okay, I fee like a fool, I figured out the issue.

    The problem ended up being the built in Anit-Xray setting in the Spigot.yml file. I had it set to mode: 2 so i changed it to mode: 1 and it fixed my issues.

    The reason was that the 2 worlds that were giving me that lag where the only 2 worlds with FULL generated seeds, and the other 8 worlds were either flat or void /w minimal structures. I knew that mode: 2 was more "resources used" but it only happened when first /tping to chucks that needed loaded all at once which caused the lag. I also found a that lowering the Server View Distance help and almost eliminated the lag but I wanted to keep the view distance at 15 rather then 7 or less :) Hope this helps some in the future!

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