[Solved] Spigot Premium Plugin Set-Up

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  1. Hello all,
    I recently posted a premium plugin (awaiting approval) and before it gets approved, I'd like to make sure I set up the PayPal thingy right. Do I use my email, or what do I use to link Spigot to my PayPal?

  2. You enter your PayPal email (the one you receive payments with) on the premium plugin setup page. You can edit it after submitting.
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  3. You use your PayPal email address.
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  4. Thank you so much! I didn't know if there was some special link for me to put in there!
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  5. Anytime. :)
  6. No need to Bump a 2 day old thread just to say that.
  7. He is trying to get enough posts for posting premium plugins.
    No worries I reported him already.
  8. Does only md_5 accept premium plugins? It has been 3 days now since I submitted one. I'm assuming its just him because it has taken so long...and he is getting ready for Minecon so :p
  9. Same thing here, it's almost been 48 hours since I posted mine....
  10. Ah I see, no problem.

    Email [email protected] if you believe it's taking too long however I'd wait at least a week before doing so.
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  11. I'm going to close this thread after this post. It does say wait 24 hrs - 1 week for your plugin to be posted. After that, I'm going to email Spigot if there is no messages telling me otherwise.

    EDIT: Just pretend it's closed.