[SOLVED] Start screens upon dedi bootup

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by TehGreekGamerJIM, May 17, 2016.

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  1. Hello,

    Is is possible to start a number of screens upon booting my dedicated server?
  2. Schedule it for @reboot in cron.
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  3. Just for the hell of it, I reported your server. GG.

    Also, why isn't "grieving" allowed?
  4. Reported for?
  5. Violating EULA, those were some nice donations you got.
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  6. Ah the EULA, not in a mood to start a convo for that, that late at night.

    Instead of blacklisting a 10-30 playerbase server why dont they blacklist bigger ones which have more than 500 players daily and which make thousands per month?

    Anyway I am not in a mood to talk about the EULA.

    I agree with what it says but I dont agree on how the enforce it. I am planning to change my server to EULA compilant anytime within the next couple of weeks as I am studying for the finals right now, and of course I am not going to bypass studying for a game.

    Thanks for the report though.
  7. Have fun because Mojang doesn't give two shits.
  8. Your wishes are appreciated! :D
  9. dickhead? xD
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  10. Oh lol, so much hatism going on! I was not in a mood neither I am still to fight with anyone...
  11. Show me how.
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