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  1. I have a few questions as to how I'd transfer my server from a normal MC Host to a Dedicated Linux Server. Would really appreciate any help on this, thanks!

    1.) If I were to transfer my server from a host to a dedicated server is it possible to transfer my MySQL database as well? I need the information from the database for a lot of my plugins to function.

    2.) Are there services that offer secure setups for dedicated servers so I could easily manage my server similarly to how I would with an MC Host? I don't know Linux and I would need to ensure the ports etc are secure so hackers can't easily gain access to my system. A lot of people think that's not a huge issue but I've met quite a few actual hackers through MC that use Kali Linux so the threat is real.

    3.) If I were to use a Dedicated Ubuntu Linux server, should I look for a managed or unmanaged one?

    4.) When I use the dedi, would it look like the Ubtunu Desktop or just a command prompt?
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    1. Most hosts use phpMyAdmin for clients to manage their databases. You can log into phpMyAdmin to "dump" your MySQL database so you can transfer it to another machine. More information here: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us...n-How-to-backup-or-export-a-database-or-table When you get the downloaded file, you can either import the database via the command line or phpMyAdmin if you install it again on your new machine.
    2. You could install a panel such as Pterodactyl (it's free and I recommend it) or if you want something more familiar, then you could go with Multicraft. But I suggest Pterodactyl Panel. It's secure as all servers are running in Docker containers, so you shouldn't have any issues if you do other things such as SSH keys, limiting access to only your IP, etc. Read more about Pterodactyl here: https://pterodactyl.io/
    3. With a managed server, you can have software such as cPanel and Plesk installed and the hosting company provides support and such. Now if you go with an unmanaged one (which I prefer personally), then it's normally cheaper and you do it all yourself. You don't get any routine support or assistance other than replacing failed hardware, upgrading hardware and network management. Which one you go with is entirely up to you.
    4. It wouldn't be Ubuntu desktop or anything like that. Normally you would be operating in the command line interface (CLI).
    Feel free to ask any further questions if need be.
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