[SOLVED] Uninstalling Multicraft on Debian 7

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Rewtie, May 11, 2016.

  1. I currently have messed up installing multicraft and needed to completely reconfigure it. I deleted the multicraft directory in /home/minecraft/multicraft and /var/www/html/multicraft but when I go to reinstall it, it still has the old test server that I created when I found out i had accidently set a daemon password. And when I go to run the installer, it says it has "found setup.conf", where is this file located so I can delete it? There is data somewhere that I can't find.

  2. You need to reset your system. It says so before you install it.
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  3. Polygoon


    Anything in /root/multicraft ?
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  4. I didn't have access to view the files in /root/ so i didnt think to check but once i did cd /root/multicraft i could see it. thank you. could there be anything else?
    alright thank you!
  5. Polygoon


    It installs stuff to /root/multicraft so you would need to delete that.
  6. Delete /home/minecraft if you told it to use that user, delete /var/www/html/multicraft (Again wherever you installed it). Drop the daemon AND panel database from MySQL. After that you'll be good to go.
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  7. please bare with me as i am fairly new to this (3 days worth of experience trying to get multicraft set up), how would I delete the databases from the mysql? i mean would that be in the phpmyadmin? sorry if i sound dumb
  8. i did that! but instead of doing it in the ftp i just did rm -r /root/multicraft
  9. Phpmyadmin would work for deleting the databases.
  10. Or just start a MySQL shell and run:
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    DROP DATABASE multicraft_daemon;
    DROP DATABASE multicraft_panel;
    Or whatever you called 'em.
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  11. Just adding on to this, to access the MySQL CLI you need to run the following command;

    Code (Text):

    mysql -uroot -p
    Enter the password for your databases root user account (please remember this is not the same as your Debian root user unless you have specifically set it to it).
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  12. Alright but instead of all of that I just went in to the phpMyAdmin and deleted the databases and added them back. I'm going to be reinstalling multicraft once I get home from school and I'll let you all know if my issues were resolved. Thank you for everybody that has helped so far!
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  13. I managed to get this resolved. Thanks again everybody.
  14. Maybe post on what you did to fix it. So people searching with the same problem can try what you did instead of asking the same question again.
  15. I basically just did what they told me to do. Lol