[Solved] Villager not deleting

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    Hey there guys. Today I stumbled upon an issue I can't fix.

    Here is my code: http://pastebin.com/acC6a3Aq (Also tried .seHealth(0))

    However it is looping through the villagers but it's not teleporting or removing them.... I also placed a debug message System.out.println(villager.getCustomName()) and it did print their names.. though they are not getting removed.

    Extra information: It are custom made villagers that are ridable by using "extend EntityVillager"
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  2. The "Villager" class in Spigot is an interface, how are you extending it? Do you mean you are extending CraftVillager or EntityVillager?
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    Haha. I mean EntityVillager. I am extending EntityVillager ;)
  4. remove the villager from your worldserver
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  5. If you are extending EntityVillager, try villager.die(). Also, if you can post your custom villager class as well, that would be helpful.
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    http://pastebin.com/qmkPwRDa Here is the villager class.

    In the for loop I am actually using a .getBukkitEntity() (so just a craftEntity) so there is no .die() method. However I will change my code a little bit to try the .die() method from the EntityVillager class out. Thanks
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    Hmm .die() is also not working. I am thinking that I made somewhere a terrible mistake that I can't find. But I have no clue at all where....

    Cause it says that the console is removing those villagers...
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    That's what I am trying to do sir? Deleting the villager...
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    I just discovered that the code is not wrong. It is correct. However when the chunks are unloaded, the plugin is unable to delete the villagers but able to spawn new villagers... Hmm How should I go about fixing this?
  10. you have to remove the entity from your worldserver by using getBukkitEntity().remove()
    and getBukkitEntity.getWorld().removeEntity(getBukkitEntity().get...)
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  11. Yeah, I think you might need to do what @Ploxh4D said, and remove it from the world as well, but I'm not sure as I have removed entities before through entity.remove() just fine without any other code...
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    The entity.remove() method just works fine only when the Chunk isn't loaded

    Btw there isn't a method like getWorld().removeEntity(...)
  13. what type of getWorld() are you using it must be a WorldServer
  14. Is it possible, that the chunk your villager is in isnt loaded? Try to load it:

  15. TomTheDeveloper


    The ChunkLoadEvent got the job done
  16. villager.remove by

    List<Entity> nearby = p.getNearbyEntities(2, 2, 2);