[SOLVED] VPS/Dedi OR Shared?

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  1. I have a network of 6 servers and a Bungeecord (all totalling at 9GB of RAM) and I was wondering:
    Should I stick with the shared-host-on-demand where when I need a new server I buy another from a shared host OR
    Should I buy a VPS/Dedi and host my multiple servers on that (migrate from the current solution).
    The main factors I was thinking of are price and performance.
  2. What is your monthly budget and how many players do you have one each server?
  3. My budget is £15/month - Server is pretty dead. Two of the servers barely get more attention (but sometimes get a bit more) than a singular player, then the other two up to around 8
  4. You should probably stick to what you got. If you’re not pulling in much players why waste time allocating more money to a server when you could be using it for advertisement?

    If you’re wanting an upgrade, the furthest I’d go considering your situation (players) would be a VPS.
  5. For your situation, I'd get a OVH Cloud server (basically a VPS), it requires a bit of ubuntu configuration and panel setup (which others can help you with), once you get it running though, it will work amazingly.


    Plan - VPS SSD 3 ^^ I'd use them, the plan only has 8gb of ram, but you can probably manage hopefully. They have amazing support, full server access, no limitations besides ram, storage, cpu (specs). If you want to get 10gb of ram: buy the plan VPS SSD 3, and VPS SSD 1, then you create add an additional node to the panel and create those servers, there is so much customizability with full server access so you can play around alot. The 10gb version will be around $17/month,

    Plan with 12gb ram, $2 over your budget Go here https://www.ovh.com/world/vps/vps-cloud-ram.xml Get the third plan, and look at the specs,
  6. I think you should use vps.
  7. Defiantly not a dedi lol.
  8. Thank you all for your opinions - have marked thread [SOLVED]

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