{SOLVED}[WEB] php/html CraftAPI server status script HOW TO ?

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    Im using craftapi.com. This site sending Server Status Json Like This:


    İ can Use "server", "status" , "motd" , "version" or "latency".(Alone Elements)
    But i cant use "online" or "max":

    İf i Write;
    its saying to me;
    ma +data.max : ma is my random text, and +data.max is undefined...

    Help me: How can i use it ?
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  2. I see that "online" and "max" are nested in an array, within the array.

    Instead of "data.players+online" (which I see you are using now)
    Try instead: data.players.online and data.players.max

    Working example: http://jsfiddle.net/zhbxrncp/1/
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    Can i do that like: (e.g.) Online Players: 5/50
  6. Yes, that code structure should work fine, if you add the forggoten '+' between ".online" and "/" :)
    What you have would output "5/10" exclusively (where 5 and 10 would be your servers numbers).
    Also, what ever element it would populate, would need to have the id 'online'.

    Code (Text):

    document.getElementById('online').textContent = "Online Players: " + data.players.online + "/" + data.players.max;
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  7. @SeiRruf
    Theese all text are Black, how to be colored theese?

    or here:

    (its old pics but %80 its same)
  8. Use '.innerHTML=" instead of '.textContent=' and then style them with css/html.

    Code (Text):

    document.getElementById('online').innerHTML = '<span style="color:#F00">Online Players: ' + data.players.online + '/' + data.players.max + '</span>';
    It would output something like: Online Players: 5/10

    OR (more preferably) style your elements which contain the ID. So say you had <span id="online" style="color:#F00"></span>
    Then anything you put in there with your existing javascript (.textContent) would be the color of the container it is in.