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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by rockyroad83, Jul 15, 2016.

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    • So my AutoSell plugin (Premium Spigot Plugin) all of a sudden decides it doesn't want to work 2 hours before I'm supposed to Launch my OP Prison server. We've been going at it trying to fix it for the past 20 minutes, yet no breakthrough. Anybody that can determine what the issue may be will get $50. You'll only get the money if your method actually solves the problem. To see if it does, you can hop on the server to confirm.
    Here are the current plugins we have:

    Whenever I right click a sell sign, nothing happens. Other Autosell commands such as /autosell and /items etc are working. I am just unable to sell items at shop.

    Here is the AutoSell Config:

    Thank you SO very much to the person that can fix this.!!

    1 more thing, please do NOT suggest the following, as it has already been tried and tested and still doesn't work:

    • Make sure it's the correct version, as well as its dependency (if any).
    • Are there any errors in console when you preform a command registered by the AutoSell plugin. Try running /AutoSell and see if any errors/messages pop up in the co sole. If so, paste it in this chat.
    • Did you add anything that may have caused this? There may be a plugin conflicting with AutoSell
    • Restart the server to see if the plugin breaks.
      • Delete the config (after saving the current one), then reload the plugin. If the signs work then, the configuration is broken.
      • Make sure you have permissions ti use the sign...
      • Try recreating the sign, making are everything is perfect.

    • I've done all of that and it's not working ^
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  2. Would access to the Prison server be permitted then?
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  3. lol, why not just pay clip $50 to fix it.
    @clip I'm sure this kid is doing something wrong, your plugin is flawless
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  4. The plugin doesn't work at all?
  5. PM me on Skype.
  6. I mean't more in general.
  7. >Totally off-topic

    But why did you leave it so late to do this? Surely it would be one of the first things to do, since it is a core feature of any prison server?
  8. Don't be a dickhead "this kid"
    Lmfao. This is why I never use Spigot, lots of dickhead show offs that think they are the shit.
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  9. LOL
    you expect help but you insult people?
  10. It was working a week ago perfectly, so don't even talk about that.
  11. There you go again undermining people, why should you get help?
  12. Have you updated any of the following, SINCE it was working...

    - Vault
    - The server version (For example spigot-blahblah)
    - Any autosell dependancies

    This could be an issue, if the versions don't match

  13. Cause it's $50 dumbass
  14. LOL, like that's a valid reason.
    you're gonna do so well in the real world kid
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  15. A plugin doesn't just "stop" working. There is always a reason why, errors or not. You had to have made some configuration mistake, or updated/deleted something that was dependent to the autosell plugin. I apologize for your server not launching on time, but there isn't anything we can do for you if you are going to complain about every piece of advice we give you. Tell us if you are op or not, or if your rank has the required permissions to sell. If the commands are working but the signs aren't, that is a tbelltale sign of a plugin overwriting the sign listeners, or your permissions/configs aren't properly setup. One other thing, you MUST have Vault and AutoSell for 1.9 because AutoSell doesn't support 1.10 versions yet even thought it says 1.9+.

    Now for some real support. Make sure the correct rank has the permission or whatever mine you have. Also, in the official demo config, it has the following for a demo shop
    Code (Text):
        priority: 1
        - STONE,0.50
        - COBBLESTONE,0.20
        - IRON_ORE,0.35
        - COAL_ORE,0.20
    While in your config, it looks like this:
    Code (Text):
        priority: 4
        - COAL;0,3.0
        - STONE;0,20.0
        - GOLD_INGOT;0,45.0
        - IRON_BLOCK;0,45.0
        - IRON_INGOT;0,5.0
        - COAL_BLOCK;0,27.0
        - COBBLESTONE;0,20.0
        - GOLD_BLOCK;0,5.0
    Can you tell me what those numbers are? and what is the ;0 doing? He only has a ,0.5 or whatever, but you have a ;0,0.5 or whatever decimal. I couldn't find a wiki for his plugin, so I can't really understand his configuration file.
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  16. Clearly you don't know how the mc market runs. People will do anything for $10, let alone 50.
  17. MC Market? Dude, I gave you an answer and you completely ignored it. Stop acting like a kid and fighting on the forums. I'm gonna ask a mod to lock the thread.
  18. Could it be a worldguard flag preventing you from using a sign? If so maybe try enabling "worldguard" hook in the config.
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