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  1. Hey guys, sorry for wasting your time, but I've got an error in my skript.

    When I reload, there are absolutely no errors. But, when I type /donator <player> nothing happens. I've made it automatically set a variable to false every second if the variable is not set.

    Code (Text):

    command /donator [<offline player>]:
            if arg 1 is set:
                if player does not have permission "rank.Admin":
                    message "&cYou do not have permission to grant player's donator permissions."
                else if player has permission "rank.Admin":
                    if {donator.%arg-1%} is true:
                        message "&cYou have toggled %arg-1%'s donator perks to false."
                        set {donator.%arg-1%} to false
                    else if {donator.%arg-1%} is false:
                        message "&aYou have toggled %arg-1%'s donator perks to true."
                        set {donator.%arg-1%} to true
            if arg 1 is not set:
                message "&cUsage: /donator <player>"

    Once again, sorry for wasting your time!
  2. why not just add a permission instead of ‘if player have permission “blabla.blabla”:’