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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering what would happen if you linked different cauldron servers together with different mods installed on them. Would BungeeCord work or not? What would happen if a player with the wrong mods went into the wrong server? If my servers are in offline mode, but BungeeCord is in online mode, will old uuid playerdata still work, or will it change?
  2. client crash
  3. So everything else would work? or no?
  4. try yourself
  5. This is possible. They is a modpack called like Business and Bullets which run on a bungeecorded server.
    Basically the hub is cauldron with NO mods.
    Depending on your modpack you can join which server.
    Server name is called OhGaming.
  6. @Latouth That's prett.y obvious :p.
    @BiPOLAH I guess I'll try and figure it out, but if someone knows it would be very helpful to know before I try it xD.
  7. Short answer: yes you can.
    Long answer: depends on you MC version. For 1.7.10 - its pretty easy. You can even load multiple MC packs together ( for example magic pack, and techy pack.). That is all due to 1.7 Vanilla MC change.
    But for 1.6.4 there is problem - server DOESNT sync ids with client. So you need to be sure, that there is no ID conflicts if you want to load multiple MC packs together. If you dont want - it would be perfect.

    Also some mods may create custom packets. Wailla did that ... and it didnt work with Bungee. Almost each mod uses 250 packet - it would be fine for bungee.

    If you need more info - just ask me.
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  8. there is bungee that works with 1.6.x i used it when i had a tekkit network
  9. @fhntv24 So if I switch the servers to offline mode but the BungeeCord is in online mode, will their uuids change or stay the same?
  10. No. The servers (not proxy) will change UUIDs and basically a reset. Proxy has the online UUIDs, the servers have offline. So only change to bungee during a reset event.
  11. You're wrong, for the spigot server to get the player's correct UUID, you need to set the "bungeecord" option to true inside spigot's config.
  12. Oh. Didn't know bungeecord option did that.
  13. Alright thanks!
  14. Alright so I setup a BungeeCord with a default server of Cauldron. The cauldron server has no mods on it at all. When I try to connect with the NaturalMagic modpack, I get mod rejections from TiC and BattleGear. When I try to connect to the server using Bacon_Mom's better building pack, I crash. I haven't tried any other packs yet. Any ideas how to fix?
  15. I've got it figured out :p.