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  1. Solved ty sidsub for helping :D
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  2. What is on line 26 of Whatever it is, something on it is null:
  3. Code (Text):
    if(damager.getItemInHand() != null && damager.getItemInHand().getItemMeta().hasLore()){
  4. You need to check if the item has item meta before u check if it has a lore, or it will give an error on normal items.
  5. It has the .getItemMeta b4 the getlore. The error that I keep getting is when I hit a npc player from citizens using an empty hand
  6. Can anyone help me with this please
  7. I suggest just trying to add damager.getItemInHand().hasItemMeta() to the if statement
  8. To which if statment ?
  9. I don't know, you removed your first post.
  10. fixed
  11. Well... fixed is not the right word, for 2 reasons.

    But where you check the other to for != null
  12. i ment i fixed the post not the code sorry for that misunderstanding
  13. I meant your post as well, still mean it ;P
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  14. Yea good point where is my other null XD this is the only one that i have so far if(damager.getItemInHand() != null && damager.getItemInHand().getItemMeta().hasLore()){ do i have to create one b4 this that checks the ItemMeta ?