Some flaws in Xenforo 1.5

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  1. Overall Xenforo 1.5 is OK, however there are several flaws about it which look either weird or don't really fit. I can't really tell if this update was one of Xenforo's strongest updates.

    1) The way the "Like" button is on the profile comments are positioned awkwardly IMO, the big gap in between Report and "Like", and I think it should be positioned right next to "Report".

    2) The ratings bar has a larger space than it used to, and it doesn't look right.

    3) This really isn't a big deal, however it's eyecatching and looks outdated:

    4) Number of followers is harder to read, again not a big deal, however it looks strange. (Ghost text)

    5) The user bar was much more convenient IMO for mobile.

    These were just some of the things I noticed. I hope I'm not the only one who like Xenforo 1.4 a bit better than 1.5 :p.
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  2. Maximvdw


    I like that it is darker, but it should be dark in the theme color

    MD said it makes sense for smaller devices. I don't find it usable: we don't walk around with 4'' screens anymore and users prefer swiping/scrolling up and down rather then clicking on a small avatar to extend a sidebar

    I like it for mobile but it is really annoying on the pc
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