Some guys who can code Skript for me <3

Discussion in 'Programming' started by SenpaiDex, May 24, 2016.

  1. Hey Guys Im SenpaiDex
    I got a MOBA kind simple idea i saw the plugin idea before skript maded
    so i think its possible to add more features to it.

    Sorry but i cant pay :/ but i can give the download link to the plugin i found and just add more features.
    Skype : dextrux1 or PM Me here P.S im not always active on SpigotMC only skype.

    Thanks so much SpigotMC.
  2. Why not make it yourself? Skript is literally compiled of English commands and could be learned in minutes.
  3. yes i know but i got alot of confused things that needs to be answered
  4. This isn't the correct place to be hiring people, regardless.