Some Help with Silk Spawners

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  1. Ok, so the huge problem is that there seems to be some sort of issue with the different spawner ID's, so you can only get pig spawners. I tried harvesting Cave spider spawners, and it only seems to drop Pig Spawners. Also In NEI it only shows Pig Spawners. I cannot tell you very detailed information, As I am not the server Owner or an Admin. However, When I place the Spawner back it turns back into a cave spider spawn. I will probably be using it the most. and I would like to be able to have More than just Pig Spawners (Even if I do like my PorkChops)

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  2. Will this give me the ability to still pick Spawners up in caves and dungeons?
  3. You use SilkSpawner for mining the spawners and you use SpawnerShop for players to buy the spawners.
  4. I also wonder how you spawn in other Types of Mob spawners, as we have been trying to test this out.
  5. Just get a pig spawner in your hand and type /spawner (MobName)