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  1. Hi Guys,
    I have been visiting this website for many years (not just this account) and have never really known what Spigot is.

    When I say this I mean is it like Craftbukkit? or is Spigot like a whole new "Craftbukkit? I don't mean to offend the devs by any means. I ask this because I currently run 5 servers, all running Craftbukkit which is slowly dieing with the releases of MC, almost every new version of MC released I need to update plugins or either plugins simply don't work, I need something more stable, and you guys seem to update spigot all the time

    Is Spigot like Craftbukkit in that is runs off the same sort of plugins, same sort of concept as bukkit?

    I would really appreciate it if someone could inform me of exactly what spigot does.

    I am 51 years old (yes truth) so Im no kid, but at the same time I would really appreciate if you would give me the "old man" explanation and keep it simple

    No I am not joking about being 51, I was born on 22 Oct 1964 in Sydney Australia (Bondi beach), I have been in the Australian Army now (still serving) for 25 years, I joined at the age of 26 in 1990, and have server in East Timor, Iraq, and 2 tours of Afghanistan, Phew almost ready to retire mine you!
  2. I just did a search for Spigot servers and my fav server came up, OMG
  3. Spigot is an optimized version of Bukkit/Craftbukkit with some functionalities added. But you can use Bukkit plugins on Spigot and vice versa
  4. There's some info about Spigot here, on the Wiki :)
  5. Thank you guys much appreciated
  6. Thanks Dan That really cleared it up mate, that was exactly waht I was looking for, so thank you.

    If you wouldn't mind I have just two more questions:

    1. Is spigot installed on hosted servers the same way as craftbukkit, by changing the spigot-1.8.7.jar to minecraft_server.jar

    2. Is it best to give the bukkit website the flick and use the plugins from this website?

    Cheers guys
  7. Holy shoot, are you really 51?
  8. maldahleh

    Wiki Team

    1. Yes, you install it exactly the same way you would install any other custom jar on your host, if your host requires you to rename to minecraft_server.jar then that is what you would do with the Spigot jar.

    2. Doesn't really matter which plugin website you use, both have a large amount of useful plugins, and plugins from both sites will work on your server. Lots of developers on Bukkit are moving over to the Spigot Resources section though.
  9. Many thanks maldahleh.

    And YES Henry I am 51, well in October I am
  10. And I'm older than you. I just turned 57.

    When you run BuildTools, you'll get both a Spigot .jar and a CraftBukkit .jar. You can run either of them. Which you choose depends on what you want to do and how busy your server will be.
  11. Outstanding Young fella, happy birthday for when it was!

    Who said Gaming was for kids? lol