Some kind of lockette alternative?

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  1. Heey,

    I'm looking for that plugin that when you place down a chest, it gets locked automaticly / immideatly.
    You can use /unlock to unlock that chest and make it open for everybody.
    You could always use /lock to lock an unclaimed chest aswell

    This isn't a plugin-request, it's a plugin which already exists.
    It looks kinda like Lockette, but it simply doesn't use signs. Instead, it uses commands.

    Anyone know about this, or else something similair to this? ;3
    Kind regards
  2. This one?
  3. You could try and check if lwc works with 1.9?
  4. There's this single plugin somewhere .-.
  5. You could find someone to work with and code a plugin that has /lock and /unlock since you are a developer after all. ;p
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  6. Sounds like a plan ;3
    Wait aren't you a dev o.o
  7. I do know a little bit how to code, but since its been a while, I barely know shit. @FloThePony helped me with a lot of my plugins that I've made in the passed. I also am planning on learning more Java and Spigot/Bukkit coding this summer once I get a computer since my last one broke.
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