Bug Some people told me they cannot send private messages to me

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    People now need to post 3 messages/posts on the forums before they are eligible to private message someone.
    Reviews do not count, by the way.

    This is to avoid spam bots coming here and spamming everyone with private messages (which has happened).
  2. Wouldn't that make it fairly harder for people to claim support if they didn't use discord/the dev didn't have a support discord?
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    Would you rather receive unsolicited content of a sexual nature from a bot as a private message?

    Yes, it does make it more difficult. But the alternative is worse, I'm afraid.
  4. True. It's not the best solution, but it is one nevertheless. What about also adding a limit so a user's account would need to be a week old before they can make posts? Something like the 3 post rule seems like it would encourage spam posting in forums
  5. People can post in the support thread as well, if a DM isn't working. They can also go to github and open a ticket, they can usually also go to install discord and join. I think it's perfectly fine to not receive these mass DM msgs, and a couple of posts really isn't too hard to make.

    The dev can tell the user: sorry if it's not working, to dm on spigot you need a few posts and an active verified spigot account. That's not on them, that's on spigot. If the user doesn't like it; they can choose any of the other ways to contact the developer.
  6. You don't knowwwww me ;)

    At the end of the day this seems totally fair. Each resource has a discussion tab for a reason. It's not like PMs are the only method of contact.
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    Every resource has a public thread people can seek support in
  8. A load of people who're new to XF don't even realise there's a discussion section
  9. While I personally don't agree with this statement, as the discussion tab is right there at the top, this can also be said for members who have been here for years.

    That said, it is your job as the developer to properly detail in your overview where support is to be offered, here is an example on one of my resources:


    I simply detail where support is offered, where bugs can be ported, and what reviews are/are not for.
    This often gets ignored, as many users just scroll right past all of this, but at least there is something there to refer to.

    I rarely get PMs for my resources, but when I do, I have the auto-reply turned on, and I typically just ignore them.
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  10. And?

    Life's not about handholding.. they can use their patience and glance over the tabs in the release thread and see there's a discussion tab, and developers can put in the overview tab "support questions can be posted in the discussion tab".

    common now..
  11. Perhaps maybe renaming the tab from "Discussion" to "Support Thread"? It's about the same length and could possibly help.
  12. There are enough devs that refuse to use the forums and demand users to use discord or github. Calling it support thread, as much as i personally would love that, does imply they can get support there.
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  13. That might be a better name. More people want "support" rather than "discussing" said resource, so the name seems fitting.
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    If you want to provide support in your discussion thread too rather than via some other way then I suggest using the "Alternative Support URL" resource setting to link to the discussion thread. (Or whatever support location you prefer)

    This will add an additional button above the discussion thread one:
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