Some players are invincible bug

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Quinster, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    Since I updated protocolsupport to the latest version (1.11) compitable there is a bug that sometimes some players get invincible. Even /kill doesnt work anymore when people are bugged. Anyone same problem? Is there a fix?
  2. What is your spigot version? Are there any errors in your log?
  3. No errors. Spigot version is 1.11 but I use protocolsupport to allow 1.7 clients too.
  4. ProtocolSupport might be the problem, remove that to see if anything changes.
  5. I think I can't because alot of players want to be able to play in 1.8. I had no problems with protoculsupport on 1.10 versions. Only since I updated it to 1.11. I can't downgrade anymore, can I?
  6. It's either an exploit or an issue with ProtocolSupport.

    The reason I'm saying it could be an exploit (although it's very unlikely) is that a certain player by the name of "PriorityQueue" was presumed to be in gm1 on 2b2t, although with a bit of messing around, you could kill them. However that was probably an exploit by the owner of that account, so it is very unlikely that that is the case.

    If it isn't that or ProtocolSupport, it could be a 1.11 thing, but again, I highly doubt it.
  7. You can make a local backup of your server and then you can safely remove ProtocolSupport from that backup. Launch it and try it with some people.
    Same for 1.10 downgrade, just backup and change the jar to spigot 1.10 to see if it works
  8. Hello I have a Bug me like @Quinster for example in my server it is impossible to pvp, die or others even if in fact fall damage always the same! plz help !!!