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  1. Some plugin I have installed has an anti-ad feature which I wasn't aware of, I have many plugins installed and I can't figure out which is causing it. I ruled out LiteBanGUI and GriefPrevention. It still could be GriefPrevention I may just not be aware of it. (please ignore iDisguise)

  2. What does the message display once you try and 'advertise'? Is it probably Essential's config causing the issue?
  3. I'll check it out, thanks. Never really thought it would be essentials since this hasn't happened before. By advertise I mean write links "doggo.awesome" for ex.

    EDIT: Not essentials :(
  4. DavidDevelops


    Does it send a message to the user, block the message sent, remove the dots? what does it do? What did you add when it started (Don't tell me you put a ton of plugins in at once...)
    I can get you a list of unlikely ones to have it the rest you'll have to remove 1 by 1 to test, (Also if it just removes dots, thats essentials, there is a bypass perm but i forget it)

    EDIT >
    Unlikly: WorldEdit installer, wildtp, placeholderapi, core protect, Vouchers, Simply portals, Headsweeper, HeadsInventory, Kitadder, Holo displays, CratesPlus,
    Likly ones are: ViaVersion, ProtocolLib, Essentials, Ultrapermissions,
    Id remove the likly ones and see if its gone, if it is add them back 1 at a time
  5. It does only remove the dots, I checked out essentials config, i'll find the perm. I guess I didn't notice it before because I was alway opped *derp*
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  6. DavidDevelops


    Hey i found the perm node! - for public chat
    essentials.msg.url - for private messages
    Hope i helped (Rate if i did <3)
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  7. Thanks! It worked! (rate for huggle?)